A social enterprise developing co-living spaces + holistic accelerator programs to (em)power changemakers and build resilient communities


The Guild is a community of and for changemakers working towards the common goal of inclusive, equitable and sustainable development. These changemakers – social entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs alike – recognize that in order for the world to advance in the face of complex challenges like poverty, systemic racism and climate change, we need a change in existing paradigms. The Guild offers models for such a paradigm shift. Our flagship Guild Co-living program brings together changemakers from diverse backgrounds under one roof, and equips them with resources to launch or scale their social ventures, along with resources to live an intentional life. Our second program, Guild Labs, develops “triple bottom line” solutions for organizations to incorporate socially impactful and environmentally sustainable practices into their operations. Collectively, The Guild is a purpose accelerator for individuals and organizations alike, driving sustainable development in Atlanta and beyond.